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40-60 minutes 3x per week:

  • Systolic blood pressure: 134 ± 4 vs. 119 ± 3 (after)
  • Diastolic blood pressure: 85 ± 2 vs. 75 ± 1 (after)

From the article:

At baseline, the overweight/obese men had significantly lower total, free and bioavailable testosterone level than normal weight men. All of the study volunteers completed a 12-week aerobic exercise plan that entailed 40-60 minutes of walking or jogging on one to three days per week.


I think decrease in body mass is one of the factors for increasing serum testosterone levels,“ said Hiroshi Kumagai, lead researcher on the study. "However, the degree of weight loss is small, and we found that the increase in vigorous physical activity was independently associated with the increase in serum testosterone levels. So, it seems the increase in physical activity, especially vigorous physical activity, is the main factor for increasing serum testosterone levels.”

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