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I would like to know this forums opinion on whether consuming nuts/eggs with a possible intolerance would still be beneficial or if it would be detrimental even if only slightly intolerant. I’m sure this question may seem dumb, but we all know the benefits of eating these foods. If you have a slight intolerance (i.e. dry eyes, some sneezing), does this create an over reaction of the immune system that could be detrimental to health, or is a slight immune response not enough to worry about? I’m only asking your thoughts or what you would do in this situation, I’m not asking for any kind of medical advice.

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    Just because something is healthy for one person doesn’t mean it is for the next. I would avoid any food my body reacted to, it’s kind of like an alarm going off.

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      thanks, i have just been eating seeds for a while now. im interested to know what this forum (rhonda, mostly haha) considers to be seeds worth eating? I eat flax, pumpkin, and chia right now. I would like to know if there are any others I could add that would be worth it. I think im allergic to sesame but what about hemp seeds? i couldve sworn i remember reading somewhere that they oxidize pretty easily. Im not sure if rhonda said that or where i heard it but its sticking in my mind. is this correct? sorry, rhonda if you didnt say that