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A common antimicrobial agent found in some soaps and toothpaste (called Triclosan) was found to increase the severity of colitis symptoms and promoted colitis-associated colon cancer cell growth (in mice).

Triclosan has also been linked to hormone disruption and drug-resistant bacteria. It has been found in the urine of about three-fourths of doctors and nurses. It is also among the most common chemicals to be detected in streams.

In addition to soaps, it has also been found in dust particles in buildings.

In December 2017, the FDA issued a final rule regarding certain over-the-counter health-care antiseptic products. Companies will not be able to use triclosan or 23 other active ingredients in these products without premarket review due to insufficient data regarding their safety and effectiveness.

Read more here: https://www.fda.gov/ForConsum%E2%80%A6/ConsumerUpdates/ucm205999.htm

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    Triclisan is a registered pesticide and, in my opinion, should never have been added to health care products. Please avoid antimicrobial products (hand sanitizers, tooth paste, sunscreens…to name a few) that have this as an “active ingredient” on the label. When it washes off and enters our household drains, it enters our sewage systems and cannot be removed eventually making its way to our bay water.