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    Yea for Rich Roll. He stopped eating processed food and rekindled his genetically blessed athletic stamina (a high school swimmer). His apparent ability to metabolize lots of carbohydrates is also a genetic blessing. I reversed Parkinson’s symptoms by eating just the opposite: high fat, ketogenic. It will be interesting to see how this diet is treating him 30 years from now.

    Rhonda, you must post a rebuttal. Cows are destroying our planet? I have read that there have never been so few ruminants on earth as today. Buffalo once numbered over 100 million in North America. If we return much of the lands to grow what is does naturally: trees and grass and let the ruminants roam, then we can harvest these animals vs them starving to death in the winters like they once did.

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      Really enjoy your podcast due your strong research and evidence based discussions. While your talk with Rich Roll is interesting he is clearly not evidence based. Of particular interest to me is his complete lack of understanding of the resource issues around meat vs. plant production especially when talking grass fed and free range. If you want to get real information on this look to http://www.nicolettehahnniman.com/.

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        This was a completely different format from every other podcast you’ve published. I LOVE your scientific talks. This guest had nothing scientific to add. He cleaned up his diet and became a “N=1” experiment. I am glad he is better off. His beliefs are far from being “written in stone”. There’s an interesting book, “Defending Beef”, if you are taking your podcast in a new direction.

        Please remember what Gary Taubes said in “Why We Get Fat”. To paraphrase him, he said that there are discussions to be had over the morality of what we eat. There is no room for that in the physiology of what we eat. Please go back to science. You are great at giving us scientific information in an understandable way.

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          Great talk. D3 from a non animal source is available: https://www.nordicnaturals.com/en/Products/Product_Details/514/?ProdID=1673 Definitely cruelty within the wool industry unfortunately: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/patagonia-stops-buying-wool-due-to-mistreated-lambs/