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    My daughter needs a good magnesium supplement (she won’t eat a lot of greens - she can’t eat raw veg since she has Oral Allergy Syndrome, everything has to be cooked so much it winds up being unpalatable). I have concerns about contamination issues as well as glycine supplementation. Glycine has been found to be elevated in the CSF of patients with a number of neurodegenerative diseases - Dementia with Lewy Bodies, ALS, & MS. Oral dosing was found to increase CSF glycine levels in patients with various motor neuron diseases including one patient with MSA and there is a case report of gylcine transporter deficiency in Multiple System Atrophy. My father had MSA, I’m starting to have symptoms even though it is not supposed to be hereditary, and my daughter had an episode of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome in response to Reglan (some similarities between NMS and sudden death in Parkinson’s). We also are all carriers for a fatty acid oxidation disorder - MCADD; I became symptomatic in my late teens, so far my daughter is not - but I would prefer she avoid MCT. So ideally I would like an Mg supplement that tests clean and doesn’t have glycine or MCT . Thorne’s Mg citrate-malate includes MCT for some stupid reason. Lots of Mg citrate supplements have contaminants according to Labdoor. What’s a mom to do?