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I found Rhona Patrick through The Joe Rogan Experience. She mentioned three tests you can take with your primary care physician to determine many aspects of your overall health. This includes cholesterol and triglycerides and others - but I’m not familiar with all of them. The first test she mentioned was an “Organic Acid Test”. Link below


You can ctrl-F for ‘organic acid’ to see a rough transcript.

Lead-in question: how do I find a good primary care physician? Of course it’s important, but I don’t know how to identify a top doctor vs. a mediocre one.

Anyone know a good place to start?

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    Go to www.IFM.org, the Institute of Functional Medicine; click on the “Find a Practitioner” tab to input your zip code/city to find a physician that is trained in Functional Medicine in your area. This does not guarantee that you will find a fantastic, competent doc, but it is a great place to start!

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      **Rhonda (oops! I know how to spell it - I promise)