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I’ve talked previously about what I’ve referred to as the sweet spot: 40-60 ng/ml. Some studies have shown that the lowest all-cause mortality happens in that range. The upper range may be important because vitamin D can be toxic at very ranges.

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    As much I want these results to be true, I can’t help but to take them with a grain of salt. The fact that they effectively compared the cancer incidence of the Lappe cohort with that of the Grassroots Health cohort raises a red flag for me. The GH cohort is recruited via the GH initiate internet page and very likely not representative of the population at large or comparable to the Lappe cohort. It consists exclusively of extraordinarily health-consciousness people who took the initiative to participate and are willing to pay for their bi-annual blood tests. Those poeple are verly likely to to lead the overal healthier lifestyle.