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New audio podcast on refined sugar! Learn how refined sugar has been shown to impair the brain’s ability to repair itself after traumatic brain injury, how it causes brain inflammation and memory problems, how it accelerates aging, how it affects hormones, how cutting it out can have profound effects on metabolism in just 1 week, and more!

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    This was awesome! Is there anyway we can get a list of the articles you cite? I see numbers in the description box of the podcast on iTunes but no articles next to them.

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      I would also like to hear this but iTunes is not available for my linux operating system…

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        i blame endorphins for my sugar addiction ☹️

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          I’d love to listen to this, but I’m not an iTunes user… I’m still hoping that you can find a place to post these in addition to iTunes, for those of us that can’t listen there!

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            Thank you! It was great. I did a quick review of my seemingly “perfect” eating and see where I can tweak some places sugar sneaks in (who put the dark chocolate almond milk in my coffee?). Thanks for all you do!