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    Second time watching this excellent discussion. Reminded me of a series I just watched in which Dr. Kroemer participated - Rethinking Cancer Paris 2017. Although most of this was not new (Seyfried & Longo for example, some was (presentation by Larent Schwartz who also discussed hydroxycitrate). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNSUSYse8hQ&list=PL10AlbUYb6hf0tobpFyknWs2mSx2mbxQT

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      Thanks Rhonda for another amazing podcast.
      This episode is particularly relevant to me as I’ve just been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer & I would really like to find out more information about the human equivalent levels for the CRM’s (Spermidine, and Hydroxycitric, and Resveratrol) used in the studies.
      Looks like: daily administration of 900 mg/kg hydroxycitrate (HC) in drinking water; or 30 mg/kg SB204990 (SB), 25 mg/kg resveratrol (Resv), 10 mg/kg C646, 50 mg/kg spermidine (Spd), 5 mg/kg rapamycin (Rapa).
      I will be visiting my oncologist tomorrow to discus my treatment / chemo plan, so would really appreciate any info you can share ASAP. Many thanks.

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        Hydroxycitrate is reputed to have negative effects on the liver. Have you found this is to be true? The reason I ask is I was going to take it as a supplement and then read some negative stuff about it.