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Mounting evidence suggests that nutrition plays a huge role in depression by affecting levels of systemic inflammation. Inflammatory molecules and cytokines are able to have these sort of effects is because they are able to cross over the blood-brain-barrier and disrupt neurotransmitter production and release. Sulforaphane, which is high in broccoli sprouts, has been shown to lower biomarkers of inflammation including CRP and IL-6 by as much as 20% in humans.

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    I agree with Kiltie5 and flashpoint’s comments about the fantastic podcast. I’ve been sprouting for over a month but if grinding the seeds is as good if not better then, then I too would love to know how many grams and should you grind just prior to consuming or can you grind and store? Thank you so much!

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      Loved both yours and the Dr Fahey videos. Although I like to sprout, sometimes they’re not ready when you need them. I decided to try grinding the seeds and found them to be very easy on the tastebuds, nowhere near as bad as Dr Fahey would have us think. The first time I mixed them with hummus and the second time I sprinkled them on my bowl of squash soup. I’m just not sure how much of the ground seeds I should use. As I love to garden I am hoping you could tell me which cultivars Dr Fahey used, I would love to grow my own seed. Thank you for the great work you do.

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        In your podcast “sulforaphane and its effects…” you suggested 160grams broccoli sprouts was a maximum amount of sulforaphane tested that showed positive results in certain studies.
        I’m wondering, after Jed Fahey said the seeds where actually richer in glucoraphanin and still contained myrosinase, do you know a comparable dose of just seeds to get the same levels of glucoraphanin as 160 grams sprouts? Will the Myrosinase start working on the ground seeds if they are dry or do they need a medium like water interact? In other words, are the ground seeds shelf stable, for how long, should they be refrigerated? I ground some seeds in a coffee grinder and mixed it with my morning probiotics and water, and it was fairly innocuous, and as you mentioned in the podcast, much less trouble than sprouting.

        Thanks for all your hard work, and insights!