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    Has anyone seen any comments on this from RP or Dr. Hahey?

    I noticed that the tweet from “SnapHook” never got answered by @jedosan.

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      Will do : ))

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        Snaphook, please report back to us what you find out from Dr. Fahey. Thanks!

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          Should be interesting to see Rhonda’s thoughts on this. I tweeted this to the Faheymeister and I’m certain he’s seen it already. If he doesn’t tweet me back I’ll just walk to his office after the holidays. It’ll take me an entire 54 seconds to get there from my office . Bwahahahaha.

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            Any update on this?

            Still curious what thoughts there are on this.

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            Exactly, what does one do? A pitty the dosage is not mentioned anywhere. It goes for nearly all antioxidants (except for astaxanthin) that its the dose that makes the posion.

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                Perhaps we should just stick to one broccoli a day and not eating the sprouts?