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    Interesting topic with one exception. It’s pretty common knowledge that in most people one of the benefits of a ketogenic diet is super low inflammtion levels. So where Elissa lost a lot of creditability with me is when she said red meat (especially processed) and sugar cause inflammation. I’ve seen personally seen clients start eating keto on meat and eggs including processed meat before cleaning it up and going grass-fed and not one, did not significantly decrease inflammation levels as per CRP test. I also can’t believe an “expert” on the topic would fail to mention seed oils as a cause for inflammation while signaling out red meat,

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      I’ve taken 25 to 50 mg DHEA / day for a good while…until…


      “The author evaluated the effects of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) on the amount of telomeres of normal cells and cancer cells and found the following: Contrary to the literature, which often recommended 25-50 mg of DHEA daily for the average adult human being, the author found that, depending on the individual, the maximum increase of normal cell telomere was obtained by a single optimal dose of 1.25-12.5 mg.

      Cancer cell telomere reduced from higher than 1100 ng to less than 1 yg (=10(-24) g) with equally significant normalization of abnormal cancer parameters

      On the other hand, if a patient took an excessive dose of DHEA, the amount of normal cell telomere DECREASED, while there was an increase in cancer cell telomere. It was found that those who took an overdose of 25-50 mg daily for more than 3 months had a high incidence of cancer of the prostate gland, breast, colon, lung, and stomach."

      Now taking 15 mg / day.

      I’ve seen no discussion of this study elsewhere though.

      I also see little discussion of the potential issues regarding using other telomere lengthening supplements.

      As far as meditation and telomere length…where’s the research on the effects of “sexual meditation” on telomere length? There are certain eastern religious practices related to this. Might be hard to get funding…but many volunteers?