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    I think this study is misleading. You need to restrict both fat and carbs for better body fat loss. Restricting carbs causes the body to turn to fat for energy, but giving the body enough fat from food will result in it not consuming excess body fat for energy. If you restrict carbs and turn your body into a fat burner, instead of our typical carb diet, but also restrict fat intake somewhat, it will start to use the body fat for energy. It is the whole reason we store fat, for energy when we cannot get enough from food. There is a biological reason we store fat, and if we understand that, then it makes sense that to get rid of that fat you have to make the body use the fat stores for energy. With the modern diet rich in carbs, our body has adapted to make it easier to burn carbs for energy, reducing fat will not make a difference until you train the body to use fat for energy instead of carbs, which takes much longer than 2 weeks.

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      When I first read the post and subsequently the study summary, I thought “there is no way”. But then my more analytical brain kicked in and thought 1. what kind of carbs were consumed, 2. what kind of fat was consumed.

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        a poorly conceived resource wasteful piece of research that could have yielded so much more data of significance. a waste of eye muscle calories.