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    I haven’t been getting much omega 3 in my diet. I know that plasma levels of omega 3 respond rather rapidly to increased intakes of omega 3 . But how rapidly after taking more omega 3 in the diet and or supplementing with krill oil would it take to correct any shortage in the brain. Would you expect significant changes in brain omega 3 levels after a week or 2 of higher intake or would this take many months.

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      Curious what you think of viva Labs aka krilloil.com - or what you take as a preferred supp. (I use their stuff now, and I feel great taking it in conjunction with lemon cod liver). You may not be able to comment on this, but maybe you have a link handy that compares available krill oils. IDK. Love your content! (supporter on Patreon.) - Kevin

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        Rhonda, I’m a 59-yo Iraq war vet who’s seen the light about supplementation thanks to you and your peers who specialize in longevity. Thanks for your work!

        The last piece of my supplementation puzzle is omega-3 supplementation. I’ve spent easily 20 hours trying to figure out why you still supplement with both triglyceride & phospholipid forms of omega-3. I’m doing the same - because you do - lol…

        Set me (and countless others, I’m sure) straight on the why? Thanks so much!

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          Czissman, I heard Rhonda say in her 9/29/14 podcast about DHA and Krill Oil that she takes both forms basically as an insurance policy because we don’t know everything about Omega 3s and how the body uses them. From what I gathered from Rhonda, if your supplement budget is limited, it’s better spent on phospholipids.