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We are our blood.

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    That dog head was pretty disturbing. Though, I did sort of feel the same as the first commenter (that it could have been faked).

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      @dan Are you doubting: The legitimacy of the video? Weather the research has been done by any foreign or domestic government in history? Or the findings of the video?

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        One of the commenters suggested that it was faked as a way of intimidating other nations with their level of scientific achievement. Specifically that, without the heading being mounted or attached to anything, some of it’s movements seemed hard to explain. Those arguments seemed to me at least somewhat plausible.

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          @dan While I can’t speak for the legitimacy of that video, I do believe that the principles that it visualizes are true. Namely, haematology has incredible weight in terms of an organisms well being. That being said there is alot of other research as the dog head video showing similar findings.. History of head transplantations -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head_transplant. Interview from a neurosurgeon who performed several similar operations -> http://youtu.be/TGpmTf2kOc0?t=1m5s