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This double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that supplementation with 2.9 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day for 6 months has a significant effect on the immune system by decreasing inflammatory biomarkers by 50% and increasing anti-inflammatory markers by 100%. Inflammation is considered an important factor in disease progression. Although no clinical endpoints were measured in the study, the robust effects on the immune system would almost certainly improve some symptoms of muscular dystrophy.

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    Hi Rhonda - as a fellow ApoE 4, in light of the studies below, would you recommend supplementing with fish oil? It seems to me that the potential for oxidation (even if I’m only using Nordic Naturals brand), in conjunction increased LDL and limited DHA uptake, supplementing may be a net negative?





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      fish oil is snake oil

      what are your thoughts on this Rhonda?



      Fish Oil is Snake Oil — The Biggest Supplement Scam