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    Dear Rhonda, Can you please tell us what was the actual daily sodium bicarbonate quantity used in the human study? Pretty please with a cherry on top :-) Thank you very much in advance!

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      interesting that they did not include the actual dose used in the study, either for the rats or by humans

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        How much does a person take daily?

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          Fascinating study!

          I wouldn’t be so sure about the long-term safety of ingesting large doses of sodium bicarbonate though, which is, after all, about 30% sodium, already way too abundant in our diets.

          Fortunately, there is an even better and safer (albeit slightly more expensive) alternative: just drink a mineral water high in hydrogen carbonate and low in sodium. If you find one that is also high in magnesium it’s probably from the proverbial fountain of youth ;)

          For example, I drink Gerolsteiner°, widely available in Germany, which contains ony 120 mg sodium but 1800 mg of hydrogen carbonate as well as 110 mg magnesium, 350 mg calcium and 130 mcg lithium per liter.

          ° the water used in this study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4753184/#!po=26.5152