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Is there any research or even supported notion behind the idea that exogenous use of various hormones that are stimulated via heat stress (such as growth hormone) would disrupt the body’s affinity to respond to the hormetic stress?

I understand that there probably is not much to go off of, but this is more of a question of theorizing exogenous introduction of various compounds on natural pathways that stimulate these.

If Dr. Rhonda P had to guess, what would she think? I could see it being both synergistic and disruptive.

Have we looked at the effects of fasted sauna use vs non fasted as well? This is something i do, post workout, typically fasted for 20 hours.


https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/s-2007-971895 http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/3218898

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    I can only comment personally for my sample size one: I use the sauna every day, and I fast once or twice a week normally. I just completed an 8 day fast with my church, and I continued to use the sauna every day for 20+ minutes. It felt really good, and the sauna was the highlight of my day. I only drank water for 8 days with no salt or other intake. I continued to do manual labor (plumbing, carpentry, chores) and yoga throughout the fast. I was certainly exhausted, but didn’t feel out of sorts other ways.

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      @gdavison Just to clarify…the hormetic stress (ie. heat or exercise) actually stimulate the endogenous production of hormones as part of the stress response. So they do not disrupt the body’s ability to produce them…since that is exactly what they are doing! I also think your fasted sauna use question is interesting. However, I would be very careful about ever recommending someone combine sauna use and fasting. The combination of these may be very stressful. It seems like a possible recipe for fainting spells. Consider that you may not be replenishing salts well.

      I do have some acquaintances that have indicated they tolerate light exercise reasonably well… even this could be dangerous though. Please always exercise caution when your health is at stake!