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But now there is even more excitement in terms of BDNF. A novel nutritional supplement, whole coffee fruit concentrate, has recently been shown to have a dramatic effect, in humans, in terms of raising BDNF. In a recent report in Food and Nutrition Sciences, researchers demonstrated how whole coffee fruit concentrate (WCFC) affected BDNF levels in humans. The study involved 20 young adults (25-35 years) who were asked to consume whole coffee fruit concentrate powder followed by blood evaluations of their BDNF levels. Remarkably, BDNF levels actually doubled in those individuals taking the whole coffee fruit concentrate in comparison to those who were given coffee or a placebo. - See more at: http://www.drperlmutter.com/coffee-fruit-concentrate-and-brain-cells/#sthash.g9l4Ss72.dpuf

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    I once made the mistake to buy “Brain Maker” for my kindle when it was on sale for 1€, although I should have known that there is little to expect from someone notious for fearmongering about grains. It was worse than expected. Self-absorbed, unscientific drivel. It really drives me mad when people with such credentials unscrupulously confound science with pet theories and conjecture in order to appeal to the masses and make a multi-million dollar business out of their misinformation - be it deliberate or due to their personal hubris.