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    We can only hope! That’d be fantastic.

    We (Rhonda & I) really appreciate your continuing to try to keep things lively around here, @programmer_Ali. Also @KickAssBrockSamson and @carlsonbjj both deserve a shout too! Rhonda and I both try to regularly circle back and dig through all of the awesome stuff you guys post.

    We’ve got a lot of spokes in the fire, but I think that in the long-term FMF (news site, podcast, newsletter) will continue to grow… sometimes by leaps and bounds, and sometimes in the slow but steady sort of way. Fun times ahead.

    • Dan
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      @dan Haha Thoughts on the legitimacy of the spoofed article Titles?

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        I’ve recently been reading about the importance between zinc to copper ratios.

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          It’s got that possibly created by a pre-cog/elon musk love child glow to it. I’m kind of freaked out now that I realize it wasn’t a copy-paste job from reddit’s /r/futurology.

          That said… Johnson and Johnson, shut up and take my money!

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            My work.. dubbed Elon Musk love-child-like by Mr. Dan @dan ?…

            THAT’S THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!! Haha Made my week!

            Ohh and btw.. You can tell I am not illegitimate or pre-cog… Because I got the brand name wrong.. It’s actually Head and Shoulders .. ;)