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For the last year and a half, I have been on a ketogenic diet. Admittedly, it was heavy on saturated fat from dairy. Recently discovered that I have hypofunctioning PPAR-alpha genetics. Which now makes perfect sense because I could never get my ketones above 1 mmol, and my LDL skyrocketed (~190 on NMR, 86 when not in ketosis). Obviously, there were negatives to that dietary approach for me, but there were also a lot of positives. Not to mention, I would like to take advantage of the potential for longevity, decreasing cancer risk, etc that the ketogenic diet holds. Since learning this info (on top of the not so stellar labs), I have transitioned to a more Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on PUFA and MUFA. I’ve thought about doing periods of ketosis and fasting every now and then, while using PPAR-alpha agonists (like sesamin) to offset the genetic hypofunctioning. Would really like to get some insight on the safety, efficacy, etc of doing this.

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