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I did genetic testing and found that I have the PPAR-alpha 162L allele rs1800206(C;G). As a result, I have eliminated saturated fat from my diet and replaced it with PUSF and MUSF. I am changing my diet from primarily fat by introducing carbs back in. My question is regarding long term (72 hour+) water fasts. I do a 72 hour water fast once every month. I have no trouble completing them and experience no hunger pain. Now I’m concerned that because of this gene, it prevents me from going in to ketosis and I could go in to hypoglycemia. Should I be concerned? Should I stick to 24 hour water fasts? Is there anything else I should know or do about this gene? Thanks!

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    I think the easiest way to put your mind at risk is to purchase a dual blood glucose and ketone monitor. The ketone strips are quite expensive, but you will have them once purchased. Irrespective of that particular polymorphism, you have a large combination of other genes that also change the outcome. Also, if you have previously done a 72 hour fast with no hunger, I would assume that this is because you are generally insulin sensitive and your body is already accustomed to ketosis.