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Basic Concepts - Leangains.com

  1. Most people fast 16 hours per day and eat in an 8 hour window.

  2. Most people will eat between 170-300 g of protein per day. Is this too much and will it have a negative impact?

  3. On work out days there is an abundance of carbs and very low fats. The reverse is true on rest days. The net weekly caloric intake is a deficit for cutting and surplus for bulking. Carb/work out days will see carb intake between 200-400g depending on body weight. Rest days will have between 80-150g of fat depending on body weight.

There was a recent paper published on a study of this at http://www.lift-heavy.com/intermittent-fasting/

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    Hi, i’m trying to determine what types of substances would initiate the bodies digestive processes and bring an end to a fasting cycle..

    The substances i sometimes intake before my first meal include. -Supplements -Bee Pollen -Greens (powder mixed with water) -Bulletproof Coffee -Apple cider vinegar

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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      Great. There is a lot of parts that are up for debate like the amount of protein intake, the amount of fat intake, the impact of the fasting period on IGF1 and the carb cycling. The results and efficiency of the protocol are very good so I believe that is why it is so popular right now.

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        @Xburbx My brother-in-law does a lean gains style diet. I need to spend a little more time getting the nitty gritty on optimizing for hypertrophy (it hasn’t always been my dietary focus), but would like to circle back at some point and dig more into this. Glad you posted this!