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    A fellow ApoE4 has brought up this concern: your opinion, Rhonda?

    “I would be curious if there’s any concern over the Neu5Gc content of fish roe (a complaint I’ve read about beef / red meat.) While ground beef and bison supply ~25-29ug/g of Neu5Gc, fish roe is in the 400-500ug/g range. From this perspective, a prophylactic 0.5oz serving of roe (which barely provides 1 gram of total polyunsaturated fats) would be about like eating a bison steak every day."

    Corrected link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5767959/

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      Rhonda, thanks. Do you have a secondary go-to source for quality roe (when vital choice inevitably sells out)?

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        Hi Rhonda! I’m preggers, and want to give this a try. Do you worry at all about listeria contamination? What if you buy it from a sushi place? I found some lumpfish but sadly it had added food coloring… Any thoughts on the effects of food coloring on a pregnancy? Thank you for everything, I love your stuff!

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          Tried this today. I think next time I’m going to wrap it up in a nori and slice it into bite sized pieces. It won’t be as messy that way. Also I know I need to add something to it but I’m not sure what yet. Maybe a little bit of cucumber for a crunch factor.

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            So, I have found salmon roe at whole foods, but sprouts doesn’t have it. can lumpfish be used in a pinch? I only ask because not everyone has a whole foods near them. and most grocery stores do have the lumpfish caviar

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              Lumpfish roe is actually a great source!