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I was wondering if anyone knows what Multivitamin Rhonda takes? I was looking at some liquid multivitamins online but it’s hard to know if the dose for each vitamin is enough. Most multivitamins I see only have 400iu of vitamin D3 and I know Rhonda takes 4000iu. I personally supplement D3 5000iu daily, but seeing 400iu in a multivitamin led me to question whether the dosage of the other vitamins in the multivitamin are effective enough. Does anyone have a suggestion or a link to buy a good multivitamin or know the one Rhonda takes?

Thank You!

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    Has your usage of Pure Encapsulations changed now that they were purchased by Nestlé?

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      I take ONE by Pure encapsulations because I like the ratios of most the vitamins and minerals in it. It has 2,000 IU of vitamin D and methyl folate, which can be used by people with MTHFR gene polymorphisms (half the population). Also has other goodies I like (lutein, CoQ, etc.) https://www.brokenurl.com/

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        You mentioned before in a podcast recently that you are now taking 4000 iu of vitamin D. Is this true? f so, what brand do you recommend?

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          @Mangaga I replied to your comment above but forgot to tag you.

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          There is no Multivitamin that if going to be a good fit. If everything in the Multivitamin was 100% of the daily recommended value it is going to be way too low in many things. Your best bet is to buy each vitamin / supplement individually and take the does you believe to be most aligned with your health goals. This can be pretty time consuming though.