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Heavy drinking in later life increases stroke risk and contributes to a larger waist circumference.

Heavy drinking into one’s later life could add more than two inches to their waistline, a new study finds. Drinking heavily also contributes to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and liver dysfunction.

Researchers asked more than 4,800 people (average age, 69 years) living in the United Kingdom about their alcohol consumption habits. They also took their body measurements and collected information about their overall health.

They found that people who drank heavily in later life were more likely to have higher blood pressure, higher stroke risk, and worse liver function than non-heavy drinkers. Heavy lifetime drinkers were also more likely to have a larger waist circumference – as much as 5.47 centimeters (~2.15 inches) larger – even if they cut back on their alcohol consumption before the age of 50.

Other research has shown that heavy drinking contributes to a large waist circumference, which is associated with a greater risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Cutting back on alcohol consumption may help reduce waist circumference. Learn how exercise can help reduce cravings for alcohol.

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