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    What exactly is Rhondas sulforaphane schedule? Does she mega-dose with sulforaphane everyday? It was unclear to me

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      Hi! I am a med student in Nevada, and love your podcast. I LOVED this podcast in particular, and gave a shoutout for this talk on my website, bestfoodsfoward.com. The link to your talk and website are in the blog. I hope this helps spread the exciting info research is coming out with! Any questions or concerns, contact me via my website.

      Keep doing what you’re doing,

      Tasha Vazquez

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        From what I can see, Brussels sprouts contain roughly as much sulforaphane as broccoli sprouts. They’re available all winter in the UK and are delicious when cooked, although their flavour’s a bit strong to eat them raw. I’m not sure that I have the time or energy to grow broccoli seeds into sprouts.