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This study was mentioned in the FoundMyFitness video on sulforaphane at 06m06s.

The sulforaphane used in this study appears to have been 6 pills per day of a French supplement called Prostaphane. This supplement, one of the few that is actually sulforaphane instead of its precursor glucoraphanin (sulforaphane glucosinolate), isn’t available in the United States… which is a shame!

I do wonder what would happen if participants on this website and elsewhere sent the manufacturer an email to let them know of American demand for the product. I will supply their email: [email protected].

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    My friend purchased the exact one Dr. Rhonda takes from France for me. I am a healthy middle age Asian female and I would like to know a bit more info about this supplemeng. Are there any side affects for women to take this prostaphane? If not how many of Prostaphane a person of my size (5”1, 95lbs) should take per day for preventative health purposes?

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      Forgive my inability to navigate, please. How do I link to the study on PSA in cancer patients?

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        There is also Cell-logic USA that has a sulphoraphane with myrosinase product. https://www.cell-logic-usa.com.

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          Actually there is a supplement that combines both glucoraphanin plus myrosinase together in a delay release capsule for maximal sulforaphane production…Vitalicaplus.com, this is the same company that worked with Johns Hopkins on the development of multiple plant strains, additionally Monsanto recently bought a company called Beneforte that is coming to the USA soon which is a high GR containing broccoli plant

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            If you review the graph shown on @rhonda’s interview of Dr. Jed Fahey (chairman of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center at Johns Hopkins) at 00:21:05 you can see several categories: glucoraphanin, glucoraphanin + myrosinase, and stabilized sulforaphane (far left).

            It’s clear by the graph that the stabilized sulforaphane is more potent and probably subject to less person-to-person variation too… but that the glucoraphanin + myrosinase is clearly a huge step up from the glucoraphanin-only supplements. Like you point out.