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    My personal experimentation seems to show that a high dose of resveratrol with fish oil along with NMN actually significantly raised my blood pressure after a month of nightly doses. I dropped the NMN, and my blood pressure lowered again.

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      You answered one of my key questions: why does resveratrol decrease performance in some cases. IIUC, it has to do with dosing. And I have to wonder about bioavailability in each study: did researchers include some fat with the resveratrol? What wasn’t discussed is the need for resveratrol to be combined with NR or NMN because, IIUC, those are needed in order for resveratrol to have an effect, yes?

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        If it effects drug metabolism by slowing clearing… isn’t that a good thing? You’d need less of the drug to start with - just lower your dosage. Right?

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          Does combining nmn with resveratrol help the nmn? If so, how does it help?