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Wow, first, thank you so much for putting this 20-page report together!!

Unfortunately, it creates a dilemma for me and I suspect others who strength train before work. I need to wait a full hour before taking a cold shower (per Wim Hof protocol)?

Another option for me is to wake up earlier and swim after my strength training to cut into the hour a bit before cold showering. That’s tough as well though: the water at my pool’s gym is cold to replicate competition temperatures. I’m not sure how cold that is, but perhaps it would not be cold enough to trigger these negative consequences to strength and muscle gains. [Note: I swim for cardio due to a herniated disc; so no running, and the elliptical does little to build up wind imo.]

What a bummer. Any suggestions? The pubmed abstract doesn’t discuss temperatures, but CWI often means pretty darned cold! Would I be fooling myself if I dismiss it as not applicable to my current weight-lifting-to-cold-shower protocol?

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    Not sure if anyone can assist me with this. Been trying Cryo- I did a major leg work out. 12 hours later did cryo, woke up sore and went back and did another cryo session. I am more sore now. Did I wait to long to do the cryo sessions?

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      So, here’s a question. All this is very clinical and scientific, but would it not be much better just not to have any heating, not to spend time in heated offices and homes - just be cold all the time until it is normal? In Tibet they have/had a life of cold exposure and a scant diet. My teacher’s two teachers lived to 115 and 136 - both documented. Science only tells us what we already know, as far as cold themogenisis is concerned.

      If you wanna live long and well, cut down on everything, including heat and food and filling time with stuff….

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        One other (unrelated) thing:

        Since Wim-Hof is able to maintain core-body temperature during cold exposure through his breathing exercise, doesn’t that mean he misses out on the beneficial effects of cold-water immersion?