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        Just watched the interview, and it’s easy to see why people do it. He seems very authentic, and his enthusiasm is infectious!

        What I was wondering though.. why is an immune response to endotoxin injection a bad thing? Or put another way, why is it better for adrenaline to kick in instead of the immune system… seems counterintutive, no? Or at least, I always thought stress horomones (Cortisol, Adrenaline) are PRO-inflammatory, much like the cytokines that norephinephrine wants to supress.

        Minus the epinephrine inducing breathing technique of letting in, more than you let out, is the Wim Hof Method the same as doing Whole Body Cryotherapy (as touted by Tony Robbins)?

        I think I’d like to buy his ($200?) course, but doesn’t seem like any theory is covered in it… i.e. why cold exposure increases norephinephrine, and why that may be useful for treating psychological disorders. Can purely physiological / generic disorders (ex. TMAU) be improved?