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New randomized, controlled trial by my friend Dr. Jari Laukkanen featured in TIME!

Check out my podcast with Dr. Laukkanen who discusses this study and his other studies showing frequent sauna use is associated with a 50% lower heart disease incidence, a 40% lower all-cause mortality, and 65% lower Alzheimer’s disease risk.

The above statistics were found in men that used a 174F sauna 4-7 times per week for at least 20 min. These benefits were also found in men that used the sauna 2-3 times per week but were a little less pronounced. Check the timeline on the episodes page for more details…


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    Dr Patrick, Is there research in existance related to the alternative of utilizing a sauna suit, (Kutting weight neoprene suit) during exercise instead of utilizing the sauna post or per workout. I realize the relazing effects would be minimized but are the other correlated benefits still in effect, heart health, heat shock proteins, etc… Basically, can a sauna suit be replaced with sauna use to raise body temp if a sauna is not available? I am not looking to lose weight with the suit but to gain any benefits through sauna replacement. Thank you

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      I cannot say for sure but I do think that the heat stress is the most important factor here. Other modalities of heat stress including hot baths, steam showers, hot yoga and perhaps a sauna suit seem likely to have an effect.

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      Hello - I’ve been searching everywhere for information on (FIR) Infrared Saunas - I can’t tell if its fad or effective/comparable results to steam saunas. Any thoughts or links to more info?


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        Most of the research showing benefits of sauna use on the heart and brain are using traditional hot saunas that can reach a temp of 180F. The FIR saunas do not get this hot. the key is heat stress and perhaps staying in the FIR sauna longer may get you more heat stress. Personally, I prefer traditional saunas over FIR saunas.

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        I would love to know if any of the alternative sauna technologies have any potential. Many people (myself included) don’t have access to a true sauna.

        Love this site and the info provided, keep it up!

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          I think the heat stress is the most important factor. Hot baths, steam showers, hot yoga, and, of course, saunas.