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Hot water immersion for 8 weeks reduced arterial stiffness and thickness, decreased blood pressure, and increased blood flow in healthy sedentary men (compared to the sham control).

Many people have asked whether hot water baths are comparable to using the sauna in terms of reducing cardiovascular risk factors. The hot water bath protocol used in this study included 1 hour in 104.9°F water 4-5 times per week.

To learn more about the effects of using the sauna for reducing biomarkers for cardiovascular disease, check out my podcast with the Dr. Jari Laukkanen.

Link to sauna podcast with Dr. Laukkanen: https://www.foundmyfitness.com/episodes/jari-laukkanen

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    I did a hot water bath today. Temp was 42C or around 110F. I was able to say in for 40 minutes before my hands got pins and needles and soon after could hardly close them, my fingers were straight could hardly bend. I pulled the plug and got on my knees, head to the tub. I turned on a cool shower. It took me about 4 minutes to stabilize my breathing and move my hands again. What happened did I hyperventilate? Am I doing this wrong? How can I improve?

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      May I do hotter water for a shorter period? There is a point where too hot of water can harm me? Aside from physical burning of course.