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    I take ONE by Pure encapsulations because I like the ratios of most the vitamins and minerals in it. It has 2,000 IU of vitamin D and methyl folate, which can be used by people with MTHFR gene polymorphisms (half the population). Also has other goodies I like (lutein, CoQ, etc.)

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      My wife and I started taking Pure ONE multi but observed a fairly pungent sulfuric smell. I noticed on Amazon that quite a few people observed it as well and were driven to discontinue it as a result. I decided to call the company to inquire about it and they said it’s normal for it to smell that way and does actually contain sulfur. Not long after our purchase, the product was pulled from Amazon. Have you noticed that smell? Do you think it’s normal? Thanks

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        You mentioned before in a podcast recently that you are now taking 4000 iu of vitamin D. Is this true? f so, what brand do you recommend?

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          @Mangaga I replied to your comment above but forgot to tag you.