PRESENTATION: Rhonda Speaks at the Orthomolecular Congress in Bussum, Netherlands

Posted on January 3rd 2016 (about 4 years)

In this audio recorded Oct. 3rd, 2015, Dr. Rhonda Patrick delivers the keynote lecture at the Orthomolecular Medicine Congress in Bussum, Netherlands (MBOG Congres 2015).

Discussion covers:

  • The prevalency of micronutrient inadequacies and what the biggest behavioral culprits are (not eating green, leafy vegetables)
  • Dr. Bruce Ames' triage theory.
  • Dr. Patrick's clinical research on the role of DNA damage in cancer and aging and her data that suggests obese individuals accumulate more DNA damage than lean individuals.
  • How vitamin D is likely needed to produce serotonin in the brain and how this may be relevant for the prevention of autism because serotonin functions as an early brain morphogen: shaping the structure and wiring of the developing fetal brain.
  • How omega-3 fatty acids regulate serotonin release from neurons and receptor function.
  • How vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are important to prevent brain dysfunction particularly in individuals that have gene polymorphisms in the serotonin pathway that predispose them to low serotonin.

Dr. Bruce Ames' Triage Theory

Dr. Ames proposed that the body does a strategic rationing so that those proteins and enzymes in the body which are essential for short-term survival get their share of vitamins and minerals at the expense of other proteins and enzymes that are essential for long-term survival. This means that micronutrient inadequacy results in an insidious type of damage that may lead to diseases of aging, such as cancer and neurodegeneration.

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