Dr. Darya and Kevin Rose Talk Meditation Retreats, Diet, Seasonal Eating, and More

Posted on January 3rd 2016 (almost 4 years)

In this episode, Dr. Rhonda Patrick chats with Dr. Darya Rose and husband Kevin Rose.

Dr. Darya Rose is a Ph.D. neuroscientist, author of “Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting,” and creator of Summer Tomato, which was featured in TIME magazine’s list of the web’s 50 best websites in 2011.

Kevin you may know from TV, the investing world, or any of a wide variety of things he’s well known for (founding digg.com, just for starters). More recently, Kevin hosts a podcast where he's had guests ranging from titans of industry like Elon Musk to notables like his buddy Tim Ferriss, multi-time New York Times best selling author, investor, self-experimenter and fellow podcaster.

Here's a little bit of what gets covered in this episode...

  • Darya's fascinating experience on a 10-day silent meditation retreat where she spent around 7 hours a day doing seated meditation, intermingled with another 6 hours a day of walking meditation.
  • The biological significance of mindfulness while eating.
  • Unlocking the mysteries of blood glucose by actually testing your response to foods, or, in Kevin's case, alcoholic beverages.
  • Kevin talks about his experiments with a ketogenic diet featuring large amounts of vegetables combined with fats to drive his ketosis.
  • Some of Kevin's ideas and projects he's been working on.
  • How intermittent fasting functions as a beneficial hormetic stressor that activates gene expression changes that can actually make you more resilient to biological stress.

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