How Cryotherapy Affects the Brain, the Immune System, Metabolism, and Athletic Performance

Posted on November 9th 2018 (about 1 month)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains how cold shock may be a type of hormesis, which is a description of a type of stress that, in the right doses, is enough to shock the body and kick off adaptive processes and response mechanisms that are hardwired into our genes, and, once on, are able to create a resilience that actually exceeds what was needed to counter the initial stimuli.

This episode also discusses:

  • How cold exposure increases norepinephrine up to 5-fold in the brain and what studies suggest temperature and duration threshold for this are
  • How norepinephrine may have an effect on mood, vigilance, focus, and attention.
  • How cold exposure increases cold shock proteins, including one in the brain that has been shown in animal studies to repair damaged synapses and prevents atrophy.
  • How cold-induced norepinephrine lowers inflammation and may reduce by decreasing the levels of inflammatory mediators.
  • Some of the immunological effects of cold shock.
  • How cold exposure increases metabolic rate, the number of mitochondria, and the burning of fat.
  • What studies suggest the effects of different cold exposure temperatures and timing are on athletic performance, recovery time, and muscle mass.
  • The differences between various types of cold shock modalities, including cold water immersion and whole-body cryotherapy.

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