Deprivation of nutrients (starvation) and other signals that play a key role in inducing autophagy

Parent Episode: Dr. Guido Kroemer on Autophagy, Caloric Restriction Mimetics, Fasting & Protein Acetylation

When a cell is deprived of either its energy supply or the factors that help utilize energy, the cell resorts to drastic measures, sacrificing damaged or unnecessary parts to provide the things it needs to survive. The primary signal that a cell receives indicating that these measures are necessary is the reduction of cellular levels of acetyl-CoA, an end product of nutrient metabolism. Reduced acetyl-CoA levels promote deacetylation of hundreds of cellular proteins that regulate the autophagic process. In this clip, Dr. Guido Kroemer discusses changes that occur within cells that signal the need to induce autophagy.

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