Mitophagy: a signal for mitochondrial biogenesis, metabolic adaptation, and cellular differentiation

Parent Episode: Dr. Guido Kroemer on Autophagy, Caloric Restriction Mimetics, Fasting & Protein Acetylation

Defective and aging mitochondria contribute to a wide range of diseases. Mitophagy, the selective degradation of dysfunctional mitochondria, helps ensure that the body’s cells are metabolically efficient. It occurs when mitochondria self-identify as dysfunctional, offering themselves for mitophagy. Mitophagy is tightly coupled with mitochondrial biogenesis, the process by which new mitochondria are produced. Failures in mitophagy are associated with several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Mitophagy also plays roles in metabolic adaptation and development. In this clip, Dr. Guido Kroemer describes mitophagy, a cellular signal for mitochondrial biogenesis and a key player in other physiological processes.

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