STUDY: Increasing sulforaphane bioavailability from broccoli through exogenous myrosinase.

Posted on January 5th 2019 (11 months)

Sulforaphane – an isothiocyanate phytochemical derived from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and mustard – induces a wide array of protective mechanisms in cells. But sulforaphane isn’t normally present in these vegetables. Instead, it’s an end product of a chemical reaction between a precursor molecule (called glucoraphanin) and an enzyme (called myrosinase).

The chemical reaction occurs when you chop, chew, or otherwise damage the plant. Unfortunately, myrosinase is heat sensitive, so cooking inactivates it, preventing the reaction from occurring and reducing the amount of sulforaphane you get from your favorite cooked crucifers.

But findings from a new study show that adding myrosinase derived from ground raw mustard seeds to cooked crucifers increased the bioavailability of the veggies’ sulforaphane 4-fold in humans! (Although previous studies had shown similar results, they were in vitro studies.)

In this short video, Rhonda talks about the new study and suggests that if you prefer your cruciferous veggies steamed, sautéed, or roasted, this strategy might offer a way to have your cooked vegetables and get your sulforaphane, too. Just be sure the ground mustard seeds have the bitter, pungent flavor associated with isothiocyanates – a sign that the myrosinase in the mustard seed is active and working!

To learn more about sulforaphane, check out this comprehensive literature review video on isothiocyanates or this interview episode with Dr. Jed Fahey, an expert on sulforaphane and its many health benefits.

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