Importance of essential amino acids and protein during fasting refeeding | Rhonda Patrick

Parent Episode: Fasting Q&A with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Mike Maser

Fasting induces a vast array of processes that not only improve overall body composition but also trigger the activation of biochemical processes and signaling pathways that optimize human performance and physiological function. How one approaches the breaking of a fast may be as important as the fast itself. After a prolonged fast, in which IGF-1 is deactivated, it's important to consume some protein to promote IGF-1 release. Consuming some carbohydrate, as well, enhances IGF-1 bioavailability to provide optimal results. But each person will respond differently to the break, so paying attention to one's body and easing into it with small, easy-to-digest meals, are advisable. In this clip, Dr. Rhonda Patrick provides advice on how to break a fast.

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