Intermittent fasting is a meaningless term | Valter Longo

Parent Episode: Dr. Valter Longo on Resetting Autoimmunity and Rejuvenating Systems with Prolonged Fasting & the FMD

A growing body of evidence suggests that fasting and limiting food intake are beneficial in slowing the processes of aging. However, the term "fasting" can comprise a variety of subtypes. Intermittent fasting, a term lacking specificity, usually refers to interventions such as alternate-day fasting, fasting one day per week, or a five:two eating pattern (fasting for two days per week). Caloric restriction pertains to chronically limiting calories below the level that is needed to maintain a healthy body weight. Time-restricted eating involves limiting food intake to certain hours of the day. Finally, prolonged fasting typically exceeds 48 hours and may be more appropriate to practice under the guidance of a physician. In this clip, Dr. Valter Longo defines the different fasting modalities, and compares and contrasts the variations of each in duration and degree of restrictiveness.

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