IGF-1 plays a major role in the proliferation of stem cells during the refeeding phase

Parent Episode: Dr. Valter Longo on Resetting Autoimmunity and Rejuvenating Systems with Prolonged Fasting & the FMD

Insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1, plays a primary role in the refeeding phase that occurs after fasting, which is essential for the generation of healthy cells. During fasting, when IGF-1 is low, damaged cells die and stem cells are activated. However, during refeeding, IGF-1 levels rise and stem cells proliferate and continue to grow. Eating sufficient protein during refeeding is necessary to provide the essential amino acids for cell growth and also to stimulate the growth factor IGF-1, which provides the signals to rebuild. In this clip, Dr. Valter Longo describes the pivotal role that IGF-1 plays in the proliferation of stem cells and the importance of consuming sufficient protein.

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