Reduced tumor growth and DNA damage from radiation in time-restricted fed rodents | Satchin Panda

Parent Episode: Dr. Satchin Panda on Practical Implementation of Time-Restricted Eating & Shift Work Strategies

Rapidly dividing cells, such as those in skin and hair, are highly vulnerable to the DNA-damaging and cancer-causing effects of radiation. Hair follicles, however, have potent circadian-regulated repair mechanisms that correct and repair damaged DNA, allowing an irradiated hair cell to regenerate, unharmed. Experiments in mice have shown that these mechanisms are particularly effective after fasting. These findings have powerful implications for humans in terms of the timing of cancer surgeries and treatments so as to capitalize on the body's circadian-regulated protective mechanisms. In this clip, Dr. Satchin Panda describes how circadian rhythms influence DNA damage and repair, especially in the setting of time-restricted eating.

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