Time-restricted eating and the effect of late night eating | Satchin Panda

Parent Episode: Satchin Panda, Ph.D. on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health

Findings from recent studies indicate that melatonin – the hormone commonly associated with sleep – influences critical aspects of metabolism, especially those that regulate insulin sensitivity. Melatonin release increases in the evening in response to low light and circadian rhythms to promote sleepiness. But it also binds to receptors in the gut that signal the pancreas to reduce insulin production. Eating late at night when insulin levels are naturally low can have negative effects on human health. Time-restricted eating, however, limits the daytime window during which a person eats to take advantage of the time when metabolism is optimized, improving health and even promoting weight loss. In this clip, Dr. Satchin Panda describes recent research that links melatonin to metabolism and explains how time-restricted eating can capitalize on this link.

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