Increased protein intake and caloric restriction | Eric Verdin

Parent Episode: Dr. Eric Verdin on Ketogenic Diet Longevity, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, HDAC Inhibitors & NAD+

Individuals on a ketogenic or a calorie-restricted diet may offset the lack of carbohydrates or calories by increasing their protein intake due to its satiating quality. However, increased dietary protein may elevate the risk of certain diseases such as cancer via increases in IGF-1 signaling. This is an important consideration for people who adhere to a long-term ketogenic diet. Differences exist between indiviuals such that what benefits one person may be harmful to another. Biomarkers are emerging that may address these differences, but they are yet to be validated. Until this time, discretion should be exercised by those considering a long-term health regimen. In this clip, Dr. Eric Verdin discusses the idea that increasing protein levels too high while on a ketogenic diet may have adverse health effects.

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